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Fungal Decay Treatments Throughout London and the South East

R.H. (Smith) Worthing Ltd can help maintain the structural integrity of your home or commercial property by providing fungal decay remedies. We have all the right equipment and knowledge required to ensure that your walls, floors and roofs are kept in top condition.


We can provide damp removal services and plastering to ensure that your property looks like new after the treatment, too.

For wet and dry rot treatment, call the fungal decay specialists. You can reach R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd on 01903 238 316.

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Where Does Fungal Decay Occur?

Wet rot treatment simply involves removing the source of moisture and replacing the timber.

For fungal decay treatment that gets the job done first time. Call us on 01903 238 316

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Dry Rot Treatment

Wet Rot Treatment

We will strip and sterilise all of your walls, replacing the timber, drying out brickwork and replacing any leaking gutters. Broken downpipes and valley gutters will also be replaced.

Fungal decay can occur in roofs, floors and joinery of all kinds of homes. There are two primary kinds of fungal decay, including dry rot and wet rot.