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Damp Penetration Treatment in Sussex

At R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd, we have spent decades providing homeowners and those who own commercial property with rising damp removals and general damp penetration treatment. Our damp proofing services are ideal for all kinds of properties, and we can tackle the three main kinds of damp - overhead, lateral and rising.

Call R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd for reliable damp penetration treatment in Sussex and the rest of Sussex.


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Our rising damp treatment proofing comes with a 20 year company guarantee and a 10 year insured guarantee in association with PCA.

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Lateral Damp Remedies

Rising Damp Removal and Remedies

We offer re-rendering services, and will check window frames to ensure they are water tight. We can also re-plaster the inside of your home to include a vertical chemical damp proof course.

Our rising damp remedy is simple - we cut back plaster up to one metre or higher, drill and then inject a chemical damp proof course. Once we’ve completed it, we’ll re-plaster your wall so it looks as good as new.