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R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd has been exterminating and preventing woodworm infestations for decades. Our professional and knowledgeable team provides wood treatment for all kinds of properties throughout West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and the South East.


We can provide these essential services at a time that suits you throughout the week, and will perform site visits before performing any woodworm removal work to ensure we know exactly what is required.


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01903 238 316 to learn more or arrange a site visit.


Our timber treatment comes with a 20 year company guarantee and a 10 year insured guarantee in association with PCA.

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Infestation Remedy

We spray timber with an insecticide and / or fungicide which is designed to kill any beetles infesting your wood. This maintains the structural integrity of your property and ensures that the infestation stops.


Woodworm infestation is most common in roofs, floors and joinery, and there are two primary kinds of infestation. These are from the common furniture beetle, and the death watch beetle.


Luckily, R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd provides you with everything you need to avoid future woodworm infestations. Our woodworm treatment is affordable and easy to arrange.

Reclaim your home or business' timber from woodworm. Call us on 01903 238 316

Timber frame Timber roof frame that has been treated Wood with woodworm